Where to Start When you Reconstruct Your Landscape

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So, what happens if you want to change up your landscape due to insufficient maintenance, storm damage, or just want to redo it because you want to? :

Lanscaping can increase the value of your home other than its beauty. In addition, it should also cater to your needs and preferences. Most people often think about what they can add to the landscape to make it even more appealing. But removing items that are unnecessary or bulky should come before the former. Here are some steps and considerations to take into account.

Reconstruct your Landscape

1. Safety

Look for signs of damage, wear, and tear because they can pose danger. Look around for drainage issues, plants blocking the view, branches hitting the house and electrical lines, plants that block the walkway or driveway, faulty sprinklers, etc.

2. Trees

Tress, especially when old and the good kind, are great assets. But if it or parts of it are dying, falling apart, or chafing the roof, then it has to be removed or trimmed. Call a professional to do it for you.

3. Lawn

Is the lawn too big or too small? Does it have weeds everywhere? Is it a challenge to mow?

4. Existing Beds

Always check the plants’ health and see if they are too crowded or not. If you see that some of them are diseased, know if they are due to environmental factors or from pests.

5. Curb Appeal

Walk across the street and take a good and long look at your house. The entry to the house should be seen easily even from afar and should look appealing and inviting. The bigger plants such as shrubs and trees should help shape and frame the house. They should make it balanced and not overpower it.

6. Professional Assistance

Professionals are experts. Even if you’re in a tight budget, try your best to get professional help. Each project has its own quote. The bigger and harder it is, the more you will need an expert’s help. Most of them are there to help you. They can deal with the harder parts and leave you with the easier ones.

7. Mapping

This is very important before digging out the yard. It should be completely mapped out for property lines, utility lines, irrigation systems, or place of pet burial. Don’t dig out too close to an existing plant so you won’t damage the roots. Ask your city or town office for regulations on planting near walkways and driveways.

8. Hardscaping

Garden features, retaining walls, decks, pathways, and patios can make a huge but beautiful difference in your landscape. You and other will see your property in a whole new way.

9. Flower Beds

Enhance curb appeal by adding flower beds to your landscape if you haven’t already. They don’t cost that much money or efforts as well. But before planting, make sure that the soil is in its best condition.

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